There are a number of diverse activities to keep you busy while staying at Calanga Phati Eco Camp. These
include the following:


  • Beach combing.
  • Whale watching during July to September.
  • Swimming and bathing – Not alone.
  • Fishing from the beach.
  • Sea kayaking and fishing.
  • Jet Ski fishing. – note the sand and dune road to the beach can accommodate a 4 x 4 vehicle with a trailer and single Jet Ski. The beach is not accessible or conducive to launching ski boats. Boats can be launched at Calanga Beach 6km’s South of Calanga Phati. However, you need to cross a large sand dune and the beach is not friendly for ski boat launching and the potential for physical and material injuries is large.
  • Beach braai’s (BBQ’s)
  • Sleeping on the beach – bring your own tent and sleeping bag.

Fresh Water Lakes

The are a number of fresh water lakes. Lagoa Phati, the largest lake close by is more than 4km long and more than 1km wide.

  • Sailing, kite and wind surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming and bathing
  • Please Note: No motorised craft are allowed on the lakes as it could contaminate the drinking water for the permanent residents of the area.

Bird watching – there are quite a number of different bird species in the area. Some rare.

Tree/Plant identification – there are a number of different tree and plant species that can be identified in this specific coastal habitat.

Flower identification – at any given time, there are always at least five different plants flowering in the area.

Star gazing – when the nights are clear and there is no moon and clouds. The stars are very bright and different constellations can be identified including the Southern Cross.

Sleeping under the African sky and Southern Cross – it can be organised that stretchers are placed outside under the open sky to sleep on, covered with a mosquito net.

Alternatively you can also sleep on the beach weather permitting.

Bush drives to Bilene and Macia. Bilene is a popular holiday resort area about 35 km north of Calanga Phati. The road to Macia is an alternative road out of the area if the roads through Maragara Sugar estate are closed due to rain.

Visits to local primary school and local communities.

General hiking in the area and along the beach and dunes.

Just relax and do NOTHING.