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Contact Martin on +27 834 491024 or +258 840 411301


How to reach us

From South Africa –

  • Proceed to the border at Komatipoort./Recano Garcia.

  • When through the border, proceed on the EN4 towards Maputo.

  • Just after crossing the bridge over the Motola River, turn left on the gravel/sand road and follow the road and other vehicles for about 2 km to get onto the new ring road. Proceed for about 17 km to the intersection with the EN 1 going North to Xai Xai. Stick closely to the 60 km speed limits where indicated as there are speed traps.

For, Visitors from Maputo and South Africa –

  • Proceed with the EN 1 north, past Marracuene, Bobole and Malauna. About 7 km before Manhiça, there is a turn off to the right to Illovo Maragra sugar estate. At the Maragra entrance, obtain a permit to drive through the sugar plantation to Calanga Phati Eco Camp.

  • Proceed with the road through Maragra and over the steel bridge that span the Nkomati River.

  • After the bridge, carry on straight until you get to a crossroad at pump station BR 22. Turn left and carry on until pump station BR 16. Turn right. There is a signboard to Calanga.

  • Hand in your permit to the security guard where you exit Maragra.

  • Proceed over the ground berm on the road to Mugedshu. At Mugedshu, GPS point 25º25”37,00S, 32º25”49,61”E turn right. You should see a cement brick wall indicating the road to Calanga Beach Lodge.

  • Proceed along the sand road (Your tyre pressure should be about 1.1 bar in front and 1.3 bar at the rear and engage 4×4.). After the reed fence on your left hand, keep left and proceed on the sand road.

  • Pass the crossroad that goes to Macaneta to the south and Bilene to the North. After about 2km, there is a road turning left with a signboard Chikavele Paradise (GPS coordinate 25º27”32,67”S, 32º57”46,85”E.) proceed along the road past houses, at a sharp bend to the left, keep left past the teacher’s houses, Chikavele Primary school on the left, past the lake on the left hand and the second smaller lake on the left until you get to the next large lake – Lagoa Phati.

  • Carry on with the sand track on the right of the lake for about 900 meters and keep right. Carry on with the road until you go over and overgrown dune, and then you are at Calanga Phati Eco Camp. Follow the directions to reception and the houses.

Thank you and travel safe.


Please download and print the directions in the pdf format supplied.