Mozambique has 11 provinces. Each Province has districts and each district has a number of Chef de Post’s.

Calanga is a Chef de Post in the Manhiça district of the Maputo Province. It is on the Northern border of Maputo province and borders on the Gaza Province. To the North of Calanga is the Macia district of Gaza Province which include the very popular weekend and holiday destination of Bilene, At Bilene there is also a fresh water lake with the Indian Ocean to the East. of the lake

To the south of Calanga is the Chef de Post of Machubu, part of Manhiça District.. Further south is the holiday and weekend area of Macaneta. This is where the Nkomati River mouth into the Indian Ocean. Macaneta used to be connected to the “main land” so to speak by a ferry that was used to cross the Nkomati, with all its associated problems. Recently a new bridge was completed that spans the Nkomati which made Macaneta much more accessible with much visitors.

However, Calanga Phati Eco Camp has not been affected by any of the above and has retained its tranquillity and quietness and off the beaten track serenity pace of living.

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